Iain Clark (iainjclark) wrote in 52filmchallenge,
Iain Clark

Films 6 to 13

I suspect I won't be seeing many films for a while so time for a catch up. Films 1 to 5 are here.

6. Dante’s Peak

Look it was on TV. This is the one with Pierce Brosnan, and although it's soapy and improbable it's still a far superior film to Volcano (aka OMFG there's A Volcano under LA help us Tommy Lee Jones!!!11)

7. Watchmen

Continues Richard Nixon's strong year at the cinema. An often stunning (if slavish) comic book adaptation marred by OTT violence that feels out of kilter with the rest of the film.

8. The 39 Steps (1935)

Seems stilted these days but still highly enjoyable, despite one of Hitchcock's trademark sudden endings.

9. Outlander

Vikings vs Predator. A surprisingly classy low-budget SF-monster flick let down slightly by the formulaic final act.

10. Star Trek (2009)

Idiotic but engaging. Reviewed for Strange Horizons here.

11. Franklyn

Measured, thoughtful, even obscure film about fantasy and reality. It blends SF and contemporary narratives in a way that didn't quite work for me, but made an impact nonetheless.

12. Terminator Salvation

A succession of illogical plot holes linked by impressive action scenes. Much better than Terminator 3 and surprisingly watchable, but would Skynet really have the mentality of a Bond villain?

13. Public Enemies

An enjoyable but unmemorable gangster movie. Depp is excellent.


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