Iain Clark (iainjclark) wrote in 52filmchallenge,
Iain Clark

Films 9 to 19

Wow I'm really behind on these. A mixture of new stuff, DVDs and some older films I've never seen.

9. Iron Man
Dumb but likeable film effortlessly propped up by Robert Downey Jr. Reviewed here for Strange Horizons.

10. Michael Clayton
Quietly satisfying thriller with George Clooney as an emotionally-numb corporate fixer (and Oscar-winning support from Tilda Swinton).

11. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
Nostalgic, charismatic, stupid, slight and misjudged. In that order.

12. Cloverfield
Godzilla as filmed on a handicam by annoying extras. Surprisingly enjoyable, but more like a First-Person Shooter than a film.

13. Jumper
Even more lightweight and under-developed than it looked in the trailer.

14. Enemy of the State
Flips from conspiracy thriller to actioner much too abruptly and never quite makes the best of Will Smith or Gene Hackman, but we caught up with this on ITV one drunk Saturday night and in that context it seemed pretty good.

15. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
The birth of the IRA. Some strong performances and powerful scenes (and impenetrable accents) early on, but awkward and strangely superficial in its second half.

16. Hollywoodland
Courtesy of veggiesu. The suicide-or-was-it-murder of George Reeves, TV's Superman in the 1950s. Adrian Brody is great as a P.I. who makes Jake Gittes look top-drawer, but he may actually be bettered by Ben Affleck's character study of a faded star whose career is spiralling inexorably downward. Noirish and melancholy.

17. The Bourne Ultimatum
Identical to both previous Bourne movies: a runaway train of narrow escapes that consistently entertains without ever coming close to raising your heart rate.

18. The Dark Knight
Reviewed here. Essentially a hardboiled organised crime flick with supervillains. Heath Ledger is great, Aaron Eckhart and Gary Oldman do sterling work, and although it never quite lives up to its potential this is a very good film.

19. The Searchers
The cinematography of Monument Valley is stunning, and John Wayne's racist bully is a surprisingly dark character, but it's also meandering and uneven with some dated comedy. Classic, but flawed.


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